Monday, May 28, 2007


So it has been a while since my last blog. This entry is dedicated to Bruce. Ok, so Since last time we have moved to two different citites. We have been to Gdansk and Warsaw. I really liked Gdansk and i really appreicated the help that Mariana's mom gave us and all the beautiful sites that we were able to see. I really enjoyed the Baltic sea, even though it was freezing cold. Our last night in Sopot was really nice, i really like the night walk we took to the pier and the cute little coffee shops that were all around.

In Warsaw we saw antoher castle, i think it was realyl nice. i wish we would have been able to see more than just a few rooms. I really liked the short tour and the guide was nice. I really liked the Old Town area in Warsaw. Everything looked classic and really nice. I liked the shops and the hand made pieces of art that seemed to be every where around us. i really thought it was nice to see somewhere that has been kept up for so long. I don't really think that we have anywhere like that around us. We certainly don't have any Castles!

I also liked the Downtown area in Warsaw. it was really nice and very highly developed. i was surprised to see how many stores and little restaurants that lined the streets. I would have really liked to have seen an Opera or a show, but i wouldn't understand it anyways. I had a great time in Warsaw, i think that it has been my favorite city so far.

We now have a new guide, Marek! i really like that Marek is our age he can better relate to the things that we would be interested in versus what some one older may think. I really like that our guides change every couple of days, i think you get to know more people that way!

This hopefully is enough blog fun for a couple of days. Today we go to the salt mines, which i'm pretty excited about and tomorrow is Auschwitz....yikes! I'm also not looking forward to the "train ride from hell" Every day is an adventure!


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