Thursday, May 24, 2007

Poland: so far so good

Great to finally get a chance to post on the blog.

Poland has been wonderful so far. The first couple of days, we stayed in Poznan, and that was a great experience, especially because the university was there. We were able to meet all the members of the Tourism Department at the Poznan University of Economics, and hang out with a lot of the students. It was really great to interact with the students, because it allowed us to get a lot better taste of the culture than if we had just come to visit without contacts.

Then the next few days were spent in the Tri-cities of Gdansk, Gdynia, and Zopot. So far all have been beautiful. We've seen castles and spent time on the beach of the Baltic. Taken hundreds of pictures, but we might have to wait until we get home to post those. For now, check out the ones that Bruce has been posting. Tomorrow, we leave for Warsaw, and we're very excited.

Alright, have to run. We'll check back again soon, I'm sure.

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