Monday, May 28, 2007


Hi friends and family of the Poland crew! We've found ourselves a great internet cafe that allows us to post photos and navigate the internet a lot better with computers that are set for English-speakers. Krakow is great; my favorite city so far. I think I just really like the ambiance of the market square. It is much bigger and has an endless amount of shops and vendors to peruse. Also, it seems like there's always something going on in the middle of it, be it break dancing, accordian players, a puppeteer, or what have you. Yesterday there was even a British guy on his Bachelor's party but I don't think his intention was to entertain the Square. ;)

The top is a shot of our current living arrangements for Krakow- all five girls in one room! How cozy. :) The rest are all of the beautiful and vibrant Market Square of Krakow.

Anyway, it's really very interesting to be able to travel around Poland at a time when its tourism industry is just beginning to take off. Will have more to say in the next few days. For now, enjoy the pictures! Take care!

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