Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Legend; The Myth--A Reminiscence

A slightly late, but ever-wonderfully interesting note about our first day in Poland; one that we like to call--MONDAY IN POZNAN.
After scoffing at the sanitary conditions of tap water in this southern Polish town, dear comrade and friend Olivia drinks half a bottle of said tap water. By 11am that day, Olivia had made her vomiting debut at the Poznan University building during the introductory meeting of UIUC student and Poznan tourism staff. By noon, she had enjoyed part of the famous clock tower goat performance and had also rushed the beautiful Antyka Gallery's marble restroom approximately two and a half times. Her coup d'etat came outside Poznan's most ornate cathedral, post pharmacetical adventure involving the purchase of herbal remedies for stomach ailments. They did not work as quickly as they could have, and only the grace of Marianna, guide extraordinaire and truest, bluest friend, allowed Olivia the dignity of a nearby closed-door bathroom.
Thus ends the legend of drinkable European tap water.



P.S. Poznan was wonderful, and we LOVE Gdansk, too! It's gorgeous (very simply put).

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