Tuesday, May 29, 2007


While the pictures may show that we eat a lot we do other things too, like shopping, touring, and eating.... :o) I think by far and away the food of choice is, wait for it, calcium. Today was our first adventure with Polish milk and no issues thus far. However we do not get our lovely calcium from milk. That comes from the ice cream!! Yeah ice cream. I have personally had three cones in one day. I like Poland. :o)


Monika Stodolska said...

There are far better things to try in Poland than ice-cream!! Go to any “kawiarnia” (café) and try some of our pastries – “paczki” (doughnuts), ptysie, WZtki (brownies with cream), eklerki, babeczki etc. You have to taste some of these to really “experience” Poland!

chris said...

Your mom agrees.

babcia said...

Are the paczki, eklerki and babeczki better then the ones Babcia makes?

Sarah said...

They can't compare to the ones Babcia makes.