Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's been a many few days since the other girls, Lauren, Becca, Sarah, Johanna (and MISTER Bruce) left Poland. I was lucky enough to stay an extra week. Lucky, because my family lives in Poland, and it was a chance that rarely has been presented to me to see my grandmother, to meet my family for the first time, to see them and have them see me, even though we couldn't speak a similar language and ALSO lucky because I find that Poland is one of the most transitional countries that I have gotten educated about.
I'm in New Hampshire, getting trained as a camp counselor for when the kids arrive in a few days, but am very excited to jot down thoughts on a country that rocks, and my extra week in a less populated town on the west side of Poland, Piechowice and the slightly larger Jelenia Gora.


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